PowerShades, a manufacturer of manual and automated window shades for residential, commercial and hospitality applications, has introduced its Mobile App for control, pairing for RF automated shades, and limit setting for its True PoE (Power over Ethernet) automated shades. 

With the PowerShades Mobile App, users now have the convenience of using a smart phone to control the PowerShades’ complete line of motorized shades, including PowerShades TruePoE automated shades, which PowerShades claims is the industry’s first and only actual PoE automated shades. The company goes onto say these shades offer all the benefits of the company’s RF automated shades, along with additional advantages not found in any other type of motorized shade.

Dealers, who may need to pair RF shades to a gateway, can accomplish this using their phone without having to handle multiple remotes. This means pre-programming automated shade functions for customers is easier than ever before.

“Unsurpassed convenience is the main attraction of our PowerShades Mobile App,” says Jason Turner, president, PowerShades.

“If the user isn’t close to the remote, they can just click open the App and total shade control is at their fingertips. The app doesn’t have to be on the same network as the smart device, so the user can control their shades from literally anywhere.”

For both RF and PoE shades, the PowerShades Mobile App lets users control single or groups of shades at the same time and can be used in conjunction with other control systems and control options. When controlling shades as a group, the App will automatically choose the shortest path to attain the desired position for the group of shades.

The App also shows the position of all the shades, even from a remote location. Plus, the PowerShades Mobile App provides signal feedback, so the user can quickly determine the strength of the connection of the shade to the gateway (if the shades are RF) or if the network is online (if the shades are PoE).

The PowerShades Mobile App is available from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.