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D2MK Solutions Celebrates 10 Years!

D2MK Solutions is one of Canada’s premiere sales agencies of consumer & commercial electronics. Established in 2009, we have become a trusted business partner to specialty retailers, custom integrators and mass merchants through a dedication to customer service, operational excellence and a broad selection of solution-oriented products.


Home Audio – making good sound great

The way we see it (and hear it) we aren’t just making superb home audio equipment – we’re making our customers’ lives better!  Sure =, the pieces we build deliver stunning, amazing audio – sound beautiful enough to make your living room .  pulse like a concert hall and your home theatre rumble like a Hollywood studio. But it’s that loftier goal – the goal of improving lives and making people happy – that drives us and fires our passion.


Blustream is the award winning option for advanced HDMI distribution.

Our products have been designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 30 years experience. Research highlighted the market need for an AV distribution brand that could deliver both industry leading performance and most importantly reliability. This has resulted in us developing a range of HDBaseT, Video over IP and HDMI solutions that deliver seamless AV integration within any installation environment.  As an official HDBaseT adopter and alliance member, Blustream is firmly positioned at the forefront of this advanced technology. Through integration of the latest pioneering chipsets our engineers have developed the world’s most innovative range of AV distribution products. 


Cinema Choice offers “Best in Class” Cinema Screens with Motorized, Manual and Fixed screen options. Nothing outperforms us, for the money!


Coastal Source landscape lighting and outdoor audio products are built with integrity.

More than 50 years of hands-on industry experience gave us what we needed to take on the entire landscape lighting and audio market.  Real world and laboratory testing gave us a solid understanding of the challenges we had to overcome. By taking a systematic approach to lighting and audio, we’ve been able to anticipate and overcome failures.


We transform environments with LED lighting technology by engineering our customers’ visions into innovative solutions.
We partner with our customers from project inception, through planning, specification and installation of their LED lighting systems to ensure we create solutions that match their exact needs. Our work transforms environments in an array of industries including retail, entertainment, exhibit, hospitality and gaming.



Designed for the ultimate backyard entertainment experience, Furrion Aurora® 4K outdoor TVs feature a bright, stunning picture and weatherproof housing for long-lasting outside enjoyment. These smart TVs are uniquely designed for the ultimate outdoor experience, featuring a housing that protects the internal components and delivers IP54-certified weatherproof protection. With full sun, full shade and partial sun options, our outdoor TVs are made to deliver optimal viewing in any light condition. The 4K ultra high-definition picture of the Aurora and HDR10 provides vivid colours and deep, rich contrast to create a better viewing experience. Stream your favourite apps, movies and shows through the RangeXtend™ external antennas for a strong and stable WiFi signal on these weatherproof televisions.


Kanto Mounts & Kanto Audio:

Founded in 2007 by our CEO and Chief Product Officer David Reid, Kanto is a solutions-first company with a mission to support our customer’s digital lifestyle.

Kanto is located in Langley, BC and is staffed by the team that brought our brand to life. Our people design and bring to market products we love. We are passionate about supporting our customers with a personal touch and are happy to support you electronically, in person, or on the phone.





KEF is a proud pioneer of excellence in sound.

Since 1961, from our UK home, we have created remarkable award-winning speakers. From our ground-breaking Uni-Q technology to our bar-setting LS60 Wireless, KEF exists to fill rooms with music as it was made to be heard, to move souls with truly authentic soundscapes. Now, we’re bringing more people with us on our journey to discover the power of great sound.


Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (stock name: Ledman, stock code: 300162), founded in 2004, is China’s leading provider of high-tech LED products and solutions and China’s first listed high-tech LED company. Ledman specializes in the 8K UHD industry, creating a full range of LED products and solutions, takes 8K micro led UHD display products based on COB advanced technology as the leader. In 2019, Ledman became a strategic partner in China’s aerospace industry.


MantelMounts patented construction combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, allowing virtually anyone to easily pull a large flat screen TV down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace, and swivel it left or right.

Virtually no other solutions are available in the marketplace that address the concerns of an above-the-fireplace flat screen television to provide eye-level viewing and glare reduction while also hiding all the hardware associated with your flat screen television.


PowerShades was founded in February of 2017 by Jason Turner and Ryan Chacon, both Electrical Engineers and both natives of the Joplin, MO area. Their vision was to bring their expertise from various industries, including furniture, wireless charging, capacitive sensing, and industrial machinery, and direct it toward attaining a specific level of automation in multiple industries, but most specifically to the Motorized Window Covering industry.

State-of-the-art intelligent motorized window treatments from Powershades offer something new – systems priced to be accessible and designed to be easily installed and maintained by the homeowner or building manager. 

SVS Sound

SVS rumbled onto the audio scene to challenge the status quo of over-priced, underperforming “high-end” subwoofers and speakers and to bring convincing and immersive sound to more people than ever before. Why should thrilling home audio experiences be an elitist hobby limited to a small percentage of humanity? The SVS mission is to re-energize people’s desire for awesome sound by bringing passion, fun and expertise back into to the mix. With this vision, SVS is leading a Sound R|Evolution.

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, and led by forward-thinking President and CEO, Gary Yacoubian, the SVS team is bound by a shared passion for creating world-class speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories, with no compromises. All the benefits of reference quality high-end audio with unmatched performance for the price. This philosophy elevated SVS to be the top subwoofer brand in the world and one of the fastest-growing speaker manufacturers in existence.


SOUNDBOKS began as three high school friends in Denmark. We wanted to break through the noise of Roskilde Festival with the loudest music and the best parties. So we designed and built a speaker that would outlast the wildest nights and take anything our favorite week-long, outdoor festival could throw at it.

Turns out, a lot of other people wanted to do that too.



VSSL is the premier home audio system for architectural speakers. We have connected Google Home, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect to give you every possible streaming option in one convenient box.



For over 30 years Wireworld Cable Technology has been dedicated to the development of true transparency and dynamic expression in premium audio and video cables.

Utilizing multiple patented technologies, ultra premium grade materials, and the truest testing methodology, we have created a product and a brand we are proud of, and we think its the best in the wire world. A bold claim, but reviewers around the world will concur, if you want a professional audio cable that performs as if there is no cable in your system at all, then Wireworld is the cable for you.