Press Release – Wolf Cinema, a leading manufacturer of high-performance home cinema projectors, today announced their latest 2D/3D home theater projector: the model SDC-40. Offered as either a stand-alone solution, or coupled with the company’s advanced ProScaler™ MK II video processor – the SDC-40 a fully-featured solution for both 2D and 3D [stereoscopic] imaging excellence. Suitable with home theater screens up to 14′ wide, the SDC-40 boasts a next generation three-chip, Texas Instruments™ DLP® light engine core for ultra-high-fidelity viewing from all available SD and HD sources. Initial deliveries of the SDC-40 will begin in November, 2014, at a starting North American Suggested Retail Price of $40,000.00.


“We’re thrilled to offer yet another stellar imaging solution for our valued home theater clients around the world,” said Jim McGall, Director of Sales for Wolf Cinema. “Internally we’ve started calling this new projector the ‘Baby REF’ – as an affectionate tribute to the amazingly dynamic, colorful and detailed images that our REFERENCE light engines cast onto very large home theater screens. This new, more diminutive three-chip engine has all the imaging attributes of our finest platforms, but at a price that’s about half of our state-of-the-art REFERENCE systems. Whatever name you call it, the SDC-40 is a terrific solution for film aficionados and large screen viewing enthusiasts everywhere.”

At 3000 ANSI peak white performance and with ultra-deep contrast renderings [>30,000:1 CR], this remarkable projector not only thrills in 2D viewing modes, but provides for true professional cinema triple-flash 3D imaging technologies [144Hz]. This ultra-fast refresh rate delivers superior 3D motion handling and improved depth of field, while reducing image flicker and resulting eye strain. Advanced 3D viewing modes can be selected to match the varying demands of film content, live action sports, TV programming and video gaming. Multiple CMS calibration modes plus factory-adjusted gamut and gamma curves help achieve the finest possible 2D/3D image right out-of-the-box, or one that can be professionally tuned by your Wolf Cinema calibrator. The optional ProScaler MK II edition boasts Wolf Cinema’s exciting E-VariScope™ technology, facilitating rapid access to favorite widescreen aspect ratios – ex: 1.78:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 – without the need for an external anamorphic lens [yet full anamorphic lens support is provided]. Now film buffs everywhere can enjoy that immersive CinemaScope® experience without unwanted top/bottom “black bars”, on constant-height 2.35/2.40:1 home theater screens.

The SDC-40 is delivered in an elegant black-and-silver accented aluminum cabinet. The design is more than cosmetic: it functions as a highly-efficient thermal management system, with multiple whisper fans keeping the light engine running at optimum temperatures for extended projector and lamp life. The projector provides for two HDMI 1.4a inputs, plus one set each of component, composite and PC inputs. Additional home theater options include your choice of three extended range primary optics for precise positioning, three optional Wolf Cinema VariScope™ cinema anamorphic lens assemblies, a heavy-duty ceiling mount kit, plus optional Wolf Cinema 3D shutter glasses and RF emitter to extend the 3D experience to everyone in the family. And like all Wolf Cinema solutions, the SDC-40 can be easily integrated with today’s leading home automation and control systems via discrete IR and RE-232 control interfaces.

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