Taking its expertise in the high-performance home theater market into the commercial industry, Wolf Cinema has announced seven new products it has designed for professional applications.


Wolf Cinema’s newly announced PRO Business and commercial projector lineup includes the DLP-based PRO-115 DLP Projector capable of producing up to 4,200 lumens. It comes with a variety of lens options.

Wolf Cinema, a manufacturer of high-performance home cinema projectors, has announced an entirely new division of projection solutions, designed and optimized for use in business, prosumer, education and commercial environments.Starting at just $2,995 MSRP USD, these seven new Wolf Cinema PRO light engines are packaged with a range of installation capabilities, including multiple primary lens options, a choice of image offsets, and integration options to enable the projectors to integrate into the market’s various automation and control systems.

Jim McGall, director of sales for Wolf Cinema, states the company is making the move into the commercial industry because the demand for its products and services is there. He adds Wolf’s products are capable of supporting the needs of commercial clients.

“Wolf Cinema is known around the world for delivering some of the finest–and most reliable–home theater projectors,” says McGall. “Over the last few years our partners have indicated a need for better commercially-oriented alternatives that not only provide for increased peak white output–as typically required on very large screens, in higher ambient light areas– but those that are also extremely flexible, rugged, reliable, and optimized for commercial installations.

“Our new PRO line of video projectors will deliver just that: tremendous brightness, ultra-deep black level performances, accurate color tracking and reduced processing artifacts. We’ve reached deep into our home theater tool kit in order to craft these unique solutions that meet these stringent demands when presenting a wide range of SD and HD sources–the result being ultra-reliable projectors, with that ‘Wolf Cinema’ bespoke imaging, and at prices that are exceedingly affordable when compared with other solutions.”

Wolf Cinema’s PRO assortment starts at 4,000 ANSI and extends up to 12,000 ANSI for use on intermediate-sized to very large screens. DLP and LCD imaging technologies are deployed throughout, with excellent results achieved in both 2D and 3D Stereoscopic imaging [on select models], the company says in a press release. Wolf Cinema adds that many of its solutions offer multiple primary lens options, with precise lens shift and ample H/V keystone correction.

Also carried over from Wolf Cinema’s home theater assortment, the company’s ProScaler MK III is available as an optional rack-mounted video processor—a useful complement when firing onto 2.35:1 CinemaScope screens, using our popular E-VariScope imaging technology.

Wolf Cinema’s PRO business and commercial projection lineup includes:

  • PRO-85 – DLP Projector: 4,000 ANSI, Ultra Short Throw 2D/3D projector [0.25:1 optical throw]
  • PRO-115 – DLP Projector: 4,200 ANSI, 2D/3D projector, Ultra Short [0.5:1 TD] and Extended Throw [1.39 – 2.09:1 TD] Lens Options
  • PRO-415 – DLP Projector: 5,000 ANSI, 2D/3D, 5 Lens Options [0.77:1 to 5.0:1 optical throw]
  • PRO-715 – 3LCD Projector: 5,000 ANSI, 5 Lens Options [0.8:1 to 8.3:1 optical throw]
  • PRO-915 – DLP Dual Lamp Projector: 7,500 ANSI, 2D/3D, 7 Lens Options [0.77:1 to 8.25:1 optical throw]
  • PRO-1215 – DLP Laser-Phosphor Illumination System: 5,000 ANSI, 4 Lens Options [0.95:1 to 5.45:1 optical throw]
  • PRO-1515 – DLP Dual Lamp Projector: 12,000 ANSI, 5 Lens Options [0.85:1 to 4.0:1 optical throw]