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Wolf Cinema will demonstrate an 8k home theatre projector at ISE 2019, in partnership with Tau Audio Solutions, a European distributor of high-end residential and professional AV and communication systems.

First seen at CES 2019, the TXF-3500 UHD/8K home cinema projector casts an 8,192 x 4,320 on-screen image from SD, HD and UHD/4K sources, and will be used in conjunction with a custom video processor, the ProScaler MK6.

The TXF-3500 is a lamp-based projector built on JVC’s D-ILA platform, and uses pixel shifting to create a highly dense image.

“The recent leap from HD to 4k was an important step forward in our world, but this reference 8K ensemble presents one of the most realistic images ever cast from all readily available film, video and television sources,” says Wolf Cinema’s Director of Sales Jim McGall.

McGall suggests the image looks “like 35 or 70mm film” when viewed up close. “I’m constantly amazed at how much better 8k projected images can look, when compared with current leading-edge imaging technologies. And what’s best of all, our TXF-3500 Ultra 8k ensemble is eminently affordable, priced within the reach of many video enthusiasts.”