A few late-breaking news updates after our very successful CEDIA presentations.

image002 Tom Norton, always the CEDIA trooper with Sound and Vision Magazine, visited our demo theater and had some nice things to say about our SDC-6 […  in his CEDIA wrap blog…]:

“More than a few projectors impressed me at the show, but two stood out among the even remotely affordable. The SDC-6 from Wolf Cinema isn’t new, but at $6,000 it presented a bright and pleasing picture on 112-inch [sic, 122-inch], 0.85 gain screen.”  His complete article can be seen at http://www.soundandvision.com/content/cedia-expo-2014%C2%97-wrap

Also:  Our good friend and video guru Scott Wilkinson [writer, editor, reviewer extraordinaire] also stopped by and posted the following on AVS Forum:

“…  the company demonstrated three of its models at CEDIA. In the photo above, the uppermost projector is the SDC-6, a 1080p single-chip DLP projector that outputs up to 2200 lumens. Below it is the SDC-12, a D-ILA/LCOS projector (a rebranded JVC with e-Shift) with up to 1300 lumens of light output, and the remaining unit is the SDC-40, a 1080p 3-chip DLP design just introduced at CEDIA that can output up to 3000 lumens.

The demo included three clips, one on each of the three projectors. First up was a clip from Lone Survivor on the SDC-6 (Blu-ray from the T+A K8), followed by some 4K footage from Red Reel on the SDC-12 (from the RedRay player), and then a clip from Africa on Blu-ray was played on the SDC-40 (Blu-ray from the Oppo).  “All three looked excellent, with nothing whatsoever to complain about…”