Stealth Acoustics LineaResponse Invisible Speakers deliver maximum audio performance while minimizing the aesthetic pollution in your home or business. The installation process is typically as simple as fitting a wallboard patch. The speakers are finished into the surrounding wallboard to completely conceal their appearance. Finishes such as paint, texture, fabric, wallpaper and veneer can be compatible. 🔊…   

This video covers only the wall finishing steps once a Stealth LineaResponse Invisible Speaker has been properly installed to the correct depth into the wall or ceiling wallboard (using shims if necessary) and sound testing with amplified music at listening level has been performed. Any wiring or sound quality issues must be resolved before wall finishing and painting proceeds.

Refer to the complete Installation video for start-to-finish installation instructions. ▶️ 00:00Invisible Speaker Wall Finishing 00:03 — Check Depth with Surrounding Wallboard 00:28 — STOP! Test Each Speaker 00:56 — Seam Tape 01:21 — Seam Finishing – Stage 1 02:23 — Sand Stage 1 02:48 — Seam Finishing – Stage 2 03:36 — Sand Stage 2 03:58 — Seam Finishing – Stage 3 05:04 — Sand Stage 3 05:26 — Inspect for Uneven Finish 05:46 — Apply Primer 06:24 — Inspect for Uneven Finish 06:40 — Apply Paint ————————————————-

⚠️ It is recommended to have your AV installer and wall finishing contractor review these videos and the instructional material ahead of time to avoid improper installation or delay of project completion. These speakers, though simple to finish do require an awareness of the installation procedure to achieve optimum results and avoid voiding warranty. ⚠️ Following these steps and paying attention to detail will result in a completely invisible installation. ⚠️ Stealth Invisible speakers can be installed in walls or ceilings ⚠️ Stealth speakers are designed to install into standard 16” on-center framing. For framing wider or narrower additional material will be necessary (see the MBA Back Box installation video for an example of this). ▶️ MBA Back Box – ⚠️ Contact your AV Dealer or Stealth Acoustics with any questions