Nest & Google Wifi now available

Looking to understand how Google Wifi can help your business grow beyond the thermostat?

In this video, hear from Google Wifi Product Manager Ben Brown on why these 5 things make the Google Wifi a complimentary addition to your Nest Pro toolbox:

#1: A new kind of connected wifi system
Google Wifi provides fast and seamless coverage throughout the home—without the headaches of signal drops or dead zones. More bandwidth means more opportunity to recommend more connected home products for your customers. Plus, it works with any ISPs and existing modems or gateways your customers currently have.

#2: Fits homes of any shape or size
A single-router solution often doesn’t cut it. Whether in a small apartment or a 4,500 square foot home, Google Wifi uses the right amount Wifi points for the shape/size of your customers’ homes (E.g. small apartment, 1 Wifi point and a large home, 3 Wifi points) throughout for a strong, fast signal.

#3: Manages the network so your customers don’t have to
If you have multiple Wifi points in your home, Google’s Network Assist technology will automatically transition your device to the closest point and fastest connection.

#4: Simple setup and controls through the Google Wifi app
Use the Google Wifi companion app to see what’s connected, run a speedtest, quickly troubleshoot, set up a guest network, and more.

#5: 24/7 customer support (US-only)
Wifi care specialists are always available – no matter where your customers are, day or night.

See how Google Wifi can help you grow your business. Ask the Canadian Nest distributor about availability.

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