PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Ever since Edison developed the electric lightbulb in 1882, people have used electrical power to improve our everyday lives. However, no one in Edison’s could never have predicted how instrumental electricity would become! These days, nearly everything in our homes – our lights, our appliances, our computers, and much more – needs electricity to function properly.

The rise of smart technology has made power even more important, but it’s also added an extra element: data. Many electrical devices (like smart speakers and porch security cameras) collect data and transmit it to our phones, giving us a constant update into what’s going on when we’re away.  As these devices have become more commonplace, a new form of networking has surged in popularity: PoE, also known as “power over ethernet.”

What is PoE?

As the name suggests, power over ethernet uses an ethernet cable to transmit electrical power to a device. PoE-enabled devices do not need to be connected to an AC power source like a wall outlet because they are getting electrical power from their data network source.

What is PoE Used For?

PoE is quickly gaining popularity around the world. In 2018, the global PoE market brought in a whopping $612 million, and industry experts expect demand to grow about 12.64% per year from 2019-2025.

Part of the reason PoE is becoming so popular is because of its many applications. Commercially, PoE allows businesses to install devices anywhere – even far from electrical outlets. This gives companies more flexibility with their security cameras, VOIP telephones, or wireless routers.
Of course, security cameras and wireless routers aren’t JUST business-related products. Many homeowners use routers or wireless hotspots to power their home computers, and the number of people with security cameras on their front porches is growing by the day. PoE can also be used for household products like smart ceiling fans or motorized blinds.

As the modern home becomes “smarter” and more interconnected, it will need more ways to access power – and PoE is here to help!

Why Is It Popular?

There are many reasons why a company or household might be interested in PoE. As we just mentioned, it allows for incredible flexibility. Instead of sticking all electronics near an outlet – or worse, paying an electrician big bucks to install a new outlet – PoE gives you the freedom to set your devices anywhere you like. If you have an ethernet cable and a PoE switch, you’re good to go!

Additionally, PoE devices are much cheaper to install and simpler to maintain than traditional electrical lines. They do not require a licensed electrician to work on them, which means businesses and homeowners can safely and efficiently manage their own devices and products.

Check Out PoE With PowerShades

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