LED Solutions from Lumastream

1. Competitive System Cost

While one of the most common concerns pertaining to the installation of an LED lighting system is the upfront cost, LumaStream customers have actually found the installation process to cost the same – oftentimes less, than other lighting systems.

Our low voltage solution requires less energy to power. This reduces electrical infrastructure costs, using fewer circuits and often eliminating needs for additional generators. Our system installation costs are typically 10-15% lower than installing a typical line voltage systems. In addition to all those known energy consumption cost saving benefits, many of our customers have saved on their upfront costs as well.

2.  Installs Faster Than Line Voltage Systems

Installation of our low voltage systems is typically completed in less time than it takes to install a traditional line voltage installation.

3.  Choosing End-to-End Low Voltage may Save Money on Costly Electrical Infrastructure

Reduced Electrical Infrastructure:  Our low voltage system includes highly efficient fixture options and versatile power distribution that can power over 100 lights on a single circuit. That efficiency means there are significantly fewer circuits dedicated to lighting than in a traditional high voltage solution.

4.  Less Maintenance

There are no bulbs to replace in a Lumastream low voltage LED lighting system. Our driverless LED fixtures remove the most common point of failure in LED luminaires, the onboard driver, so they are able to reach their specified 50,000 hour life. Additionally, without the additional heat of the driver burning up your LED luminaires, your lighting color will remain consistent over time. No more massive degradation of quality of light after one year. Our driverless fixtures keep LEDs cool, and colors accurate throughout their full life cycle. Our fixtures are also far less likely to fail than line voltage LED options, for a maintenance free lighting system.

5.  Automated Functions 

Programmable scenes are not a new concept, but the way we are able to manage them is. Because of our unique ability to centrally control power, we can do more with our lighting control, making the majority of your lighting adjustments either automatically – using a universal clock, ambient light sensors, and programming – or with single touch scenes for specific events. Clients have control when they need it, and the automated system does the rest.

6.  World’s Most Sustainable

The average LED fixture requires less energy to create the same number of lumens, and has a longer life span.

Our low voltage solutions are even more efficient than the common LEDs you find in the store. Inside each store bought bulb is a component that converts power from AC to DC. Our systems convert power once, at a central location, leaving behind a simple elegant fixture that produces high quality, uniquely controllable light. Removing all those components also removes the most common point of failure in a bulb, which is our fixtures last much longer than regular LED bulbs.

  • Short Term Savings
  • Long Term Savings
  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Energy Consumption
  • Better Lighting with Extensive Variety of Features