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Vietnam shares a border with China. And yet, while China has suffered thousands of Covid-19 deaths, Vietnam has reported exactly zero. It’s one of a handful of countries that are stopping the virus in its tracks — but not always making the news for it. Who are these hidden champions of the pandemic? Let’s find out…

These Unsung Countries Are Vanquishing the Virus

While Germany and South Korea have been rightly hailed, others haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. Will Doig takes a look at five unheralded success stories.

Socially Distanced Architecture That Brings People Together

When correctly designed, housing can keep people apart and make them feel closer. Lily Bernheimer on the community with six feet of personal space.

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We told you about the scientists recording the global emissions drop caused by Covid-19. But even before the lockdowns, many countries were cutting their CO2 output. Read our story from last August about the countries reducing their emissions with clean energy technology and strong climate policies.

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