Hello Peachtree Audio Dealers and Reps,

Below, you’ll see a Trade Any Brand to nova offer. We expect this promotion to generate a lot of activity and we want it to be successful for you and easy for your customers.

Here’s how it works when your customer brings in a trade-in unit:

1. When you take in a trade, look up the manufacturer’s original Suggested Retail Price on Google and apply that amount in trade towards the purchase of a nova up to these maximum amounts:
Up to C$560 towards a nova150
Up to C$760 towards a nova300
Up to C$1120 towards a nova500
2. Send the trade-in unit to us. Email for a prepaid shipping label.
3. We ship you a new nova at a reduced invoice price. as follows:
C$1099 for a nova150 (35 points)
C$1430 for a nova300 (38 points)
C$2025 for a nova500 (40 points)

It’s that simple.

Our goal is to have a compelling call to action that ALL of your customers can utilize to upgrade their system to a Peachtree Audio nova integrated amplifier. We hope you believe this promotion is compelling enough to send out an announcement similar to the one below to all of your customers!

As always, thank you in advance for your support. Please let us know if we can answer any questions or concerns. Happy selling!

The Peachtree Audio Team


We Want Your Gear

Trade-in any brand and receive up to 100% of its original Suggested Retail Price towards a nova150, nova300 or nova500!

We are pleased to announce a Trade Any Brand promotion towards the nova150, nova300 and nova500! Don’t own a Peachtree product? No problem! Don’t have the remote control or manual? No problem! It doesn’t work perfectly or look like new? No problem! Give us your tired old gear and we will give you up to 100% of its original Suggested Retail Price (SRP) in trade-in value towards a nova150, nova300 or nova500.

Here’s how it works:
You contact an authorized Peachtree dealer and tell us which nova you want and what you are trading-in and you will receive a trade-in coupon for up to 100% of its original price! You deliver the trade-in unit and the dealer or Peachtree will verify everything and deliver your new nova!

The fine print:

This promotion runs from Thursday September 12th through Friday October 11th, 2019.

The trade-in is restricted to the following A/V product categories: Integrated Amplifiers, Receivers, Preamplifiers, Power Amplifiers or DACs. We WILL accept surround-sound or multi-channel products in addition to stereo products. We will NOT accept video only products like televisions or satellite receivers or acoustic products like loudspeakers or subwoofers. We will also NOT accept portable or battery powered products. All trade-ins must be able to power on but do NOT have to be 100% functional or in “like-new” condition. If you have any questions about the viability of a potential trade-in product, please contact

The maximum trade-in values are:
C$560 towards a nova150
C$760 towards a nova300
C$1120 towards a nova500

Example 1: if your trade-in has an original SRP of C$499, you would receive 100% of that price (C$499) in trade-in value towards a nova150, nova300 or nova500! It’s like getting a full refund on your old product!

Example 2: if your trade-in has an original SRP of C$799, you would receive the maximum trade-in value towards a nova150 (C$560) or nova300 (C$760). In addition you would receive 100% of the original SRP (C$799) towards a nova500!

Example 3: if your trade-in has an original SRP of C$1199, you would receive C$560 towards a nova150, C$760 towards a nova300 or C$1120 towards a nova500! You would receive the maximum trade-in value towards whichever nova you choose because the original retail value of your product is greater than C$1120.

When you buy more, you save more!


Questions? Email us at