Parasound JC-1Plus amplifier

Parasound announced this week that it has hired well-regarded audio engineer Darren Myers to its team. An expansion of the company’s engineering group, it struck me immediately that with this announcement new owner David Sheriff was already delivering on his promise to expand the company’s product design and engineering team.

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It was just a couple of weeks ago when Parasound’s new owner David Sheriff announced the appointment of industry veteran Larry Bennett as the company’s new VP of Sales and Marketing. Sheriff had acquired Parasound from its retiring founder and CEO, Richard Schram in December, and he had promised from the beginning that big things were ahead for the brand in terms of fielding new products and entering new product segments. The appointment of Bennett was clearly just the beginning of this transformation.

As part of the Bennett announcement, Sheriff was quoted as saying, “We will focus heavily on our traditional audiophile community with new products, plus some strategic additions to our legendary product design and engineering team.” It was the kind of promise industry executives frequently make – but don’t always follow through on.