Using Origin Acoustics Valet amplifier and custom ceiling mount, installers can now hide an Echo Dot in the ceiling and integrate it into an in-ceiling multiroom audio system. A Valet amp can be used to create an interactive four-zone music system, but multiple amplifiers can be daisy-chained to create a bigger system. The amplifier supports eight 50w channels, and can be connected to a broad range of architectural speakers. Distribution is via Invision UK.

Each of the four stereo zones sports an RJ45 connection that sends power to the Dot over a standard CAT5/6 cable, and returns the audio signal to the amplifier via a proprietary balun. The hook-up allows Alexa, both music and voice, to be played across any in-ceiling speaker system.

The Dot is mounted using Origin’s Tool-less mounting system (pictured above). It can be ceiling mounted behind a perforated speaker grille identical to the brand’s Director 5 or 6/8-inch models. The grille does not impede voice control, says the company.

Valet Amp Crop

Valet Rear

“We have seen voice activation take centre stage as the technology has rapidly improved in recent years”, says Jeremy Burkhardt, Origin’s founder and Board Chairman. “The Valet amplifier will make integrating this technology into even modest homes a reality for millions of homeowners around the world.”

Once installed, Amazon Music and Spotify libraries can all be accessed and played directly from the Dot. External sources can also be played through the system. A muting circuit in the Valet can mute any external source when Alexa is addressed. A 12v trigger for each zone allows for additional activation of third party devices under Alexa control.

“Finally a product has been made that can truly make these devices a part of the custom home, and also be a great benefit to the builder market offering a cost effective multi-room audio solution” says Steve Totterdell, Audio Product Manager for Invision.