Meet Orbit, the newest Dash WiFi home camera tools from IC Realtime

This is Orbit

Use it as a tabletop device or mount it onto a ceiling or a flat surface. Gain ample visibility with up to 355 degrees of panning action and almost 90 degrees of tilt. When privacy is a concern you can enable privacy mode to hide the camera’s lens.

Dash Orbit

IC Realtime’s Newest Lineup

The iSniper Full Color Night Vision

A world of color night vision security cameras with embedded Artificial Intelligence is here! On the hunt for the best perimeter security cameras? AI-enhanced IVS only triggers by people or vehicles. This feature eliminates up to 90% of false positives and reclaims your time by zeroing in on what matters during playback.

The New NVR-FX! Built for AV

This Network Video Recorder comes with a brand-new user interface that simplifies the operation of the NVR recorder. A perfect mate for a rack system as this IP camera NVR recorder is 1U rack mount capable.

Thermal Cameras

The thermal camera sensor captures high-quality footage, regardless of visual interference caused by debris, dust, fog or smoke, and foliage. Great for total darkness, and ferreting out potential fire hazards or temperature abnormalities.

New NVR Interface

We listened to our users, considered general habits. We baked in simplicity for ease of use by even the inexperienced. By supporting P2P network connectivity, getting a system up and running is a breeze. It is as “plug and play” as you can get while still maintaining an adequate cybersecurity level.

Advanced AI

These security cameras pile on some of the best features an ePoE offers. The new Pro A.I. series blends a people counting camera with face detection security and super night vision security as an all-in-one solution.