Environmental Lights low voltage downlighting solutions are coming! Our new low voltage line of power supplies and fixtures are designed for the A/V market, but are especially exciting because they are also perfect for other applications including commercial, retail and scenic.

Environmental Lights will be offering power supplies and LED lighting fixtures that will facilitate easy installations, remote power management and simple integration into control systems. The downlighting solutions will enable integrators and fabricators to move into the world of ceiling and downlighting using the convenience of low voltage.


Remote Power Solutions

Constant Current Low Voltage
Low voltage down lighting makes installing and powering ceiling lighting easier than ever before.
DMX Controlled
DMX inputs enable connection to common control systems for seamless control and dimming of fixtures.
Remote Placement
Multi-channel rack mounted power supplies will power lights up to 150′ away.

Low Voltage Downlighting Fixtures

Multiple shapes, trim options and lenses with a variety of outputs and color temps.
High bay and pendant lighting for larger space applications.
UL Listed
Our lighting and power supplies are designed to be Class-2 and UL Listed so you can get the approvals you need.

Environmental Lights Constant Current Low Voltage Power Supply


Our new low voltage downlighting solutions will be launching this fall. Our team is very excited about these products. If you have an upcoming project and want to discuss down lighting solutions please reach out to us.

Environmental Lights is here to help you make your vision a reality. We will be your partner in lighting development and will offer support through all stages of your project, from inception to completion.

Give us a call or email to discuss your lighting project.
Email: ContactUs@EnvironmentalLights.com or in Canada at sales@d2mk.ca