Put your message on ONE OpusMonolith or a BANK of them. 
Move to any location and easily upload content for one or multiple screens.
Ideal for

Clothing stores
Hotel lobbies
Car showrooms
Trade shows
Special events

Anywhere you want portable signage that can be a single unit or add additional OpusMonoliths to expand to a full length video wall.

Product Highlights
Multi Panel Tiling
Individual OpusMonoliths can be connected together to form larger displays by removing the exterior trim.
Portable and Low Profile
OpusMonolith can easily be moved and placed in any location.
Fine Pixel pitch
Vivid Fine Pixel Pitch for
high picture quality.
Easy Programming
Easily add your own content with an SD card, the cloud, wifi, to internal storage or connect to your laptop for real time viewing.
Front Serviceable Design
Front Serviceable Design.
Fast maintenance.
Endless Viewing Options
Watch one image or multiple images on a singular or multiple Monoliths.
Singular or modular OpusMonolith™ options are now available.  See the OpusMonolith™ demonstration at Infocomm 2019, Vutec Booth 2401 or visit us at the OpusBrilliance.com website.
Visit OpusBrilliance.com
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