Elunevision available from D2MK Solutions in Eastern Canada

D2MK sales team has been contracted to service & support Elunevision dealers across Eastern Canada.  Support resellers across Ontario east to the Maritime provinces.

Elunevision is an exciting Canadian owned brand offering affordable to top performing projector screen products.  https://elunevision.com/

At Home, the Boardroom and everywhere in between, the Sky is the limit.

With a wide array of options and thanks to the fact we design and produce our own materials and manufacture everything in-house, Elunevision is able to customize every detail of the screen.

From the size to the aspect ratio and even aesthetic details, ask for it and we’ll tweak our designs in order to make it work for you and your space. A custom screen is a one-of-a-kind and designed to fit specific individual needs, so we expect our customers to enjoy theirs for a lifetime.

Aurora 4K Ambient Light Rejection NanoEdge Screen

The perfect picture, regardless of environment.

Multiple Layers of Light Rejection Technology all in One Screen

We’ve engineered our signature ALR material with multiple layers, offering you the best optical light rejection capabilities in the market. From the reinforced backing that blocks light from going out of the screen; to high reflectivity screen substrate, reflective nanoparticle treatment and smooth optic layer, all of your screen’s components ensure excess light is reflected while your content is enhanced and brightened.

Aurora 4K Ambient Light Rejection

Perfect image contrast, neat edges and the brightest colors you’ve seen. Bright or dark room, the Aurora ALR delivers an immersive viewing experience with complete disregard of excess light.

The Aurora features tiny nanoparticles specially engineered to reflect light back towards the source, only allowing your projector light to be reflected back towards the audience. This makes for a crisp, sharp image even in brightly lit rooms.

Aurora Perforated Ambient Light Rejection

Enjoy amazing image quality without compromising on high-definition sound. The Aurora ALR Perforated offers all of the technological advances of the phenomenal Aurora ALR, plus a seamless audio experience.

The amazing image quality you already know now features invisible micro-perforations. This makes it possible to place speakers behind the screen, hiding them from sight while allowing audio waves pass through.

Reference Studio 4K

Unparalleled color accuracy is easy when you choose the best screen available. The smooth micro texture surface and light diffusing capabilities of Reference Studio 4K make it the best option for the serious home theater system.

Rest assured your colors will show as bright as they are projected, with perfect white balance and zero hot spotting. The White 1.0 gain material ensures you get video and image projections in true reference quality.

Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K

Complete audio transparency is now at your fingertips. The invisible weaving of the unparalleled AudioWeave material allows sound to pass while reflecting light: your screen lets you enjoy true high-definition audio and exceptional video quality.

AudioWeave 4K was engineered to deliver the best audio experience possible, without compromising on video performance. With over 2000 micro holes per square inch, sound comes through with zero distortion.

Silver Pearl 1.4 Gain

Pearlescent-silver optical coating that takes the best from the jewels of the sea. Designed to deliver bright images under a variety of light conditions, this is a great choice for all-around great performance.

The specially designed coating delivers great definition with excellent color accuracy, every time. Whether your room is pitch black or all lights are on, the Pearl maintains white field uniformity and deep black levels.

Cinema White 1.2 Gain

Make sure everyone can enjoy a great view, regardless of the seating arrangement. You can count on the reliable performance of the Cinema White screen material for years to come.

Built to deliver precise image reproduction, this is the perfect choice for home theater and business projectors. From movies and video games to trade shows and conferences, Cinema White ensures everyone in the room has a great view to enjoy your content.

Cinema Grey 1.1 Gain

A classic, with a twist. With a Grey surface to project, the Cinema Grey allows you to enjoy deeper black levels without sacrificing on general brightness like other gray screens.

Designed to give your projections a slight contrast boost, the Cinema Gray works well even in less-than-ideal light conditions, providing great color accuracy and contrast without sacrificing on white level output. A great choice when enhanced contrast is a must!