The Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker.

deepblue2 redefines the quality and quantity of sound possible from a Bluetooth speaker. It combines the convenience of a single box design with the full-range powerful sound of a big HiFi stereo system. With deepblue2 you’ll experience irresistible sound that you can easily move from room to room.

In 2013 Peachtree Audio launched the original deepblue. It received rave reviews from the media and customers alike and quickly established itself as the answer to the question “What’s the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I can buy today?”

Scot Hull “…the little deepblue system suddenly pounded out some shockingly deep bass… I’m still flabbergasted.”

Chris Connaker “No matter what music I put through deepblue I was impressed by the sound quality. deepblue produces sound that’s far larger than its physical size…”

Michael Mercer “I don’t know how Peachtree got this bass, but its damn impressive. If all of my friends who own crappy Bose systems bought one of these I’d actually enjoy music at their house!”

Brent Butterworth “The Peachtree deepblue is a pretty amazing creation. It plays loud enough to fill my entire 2,220 square-foot house with sound. It hits 102dB at one meter with my usual “Kickstart My Heart” test – that’s 5 to 10dB more than usual, which is a lot.”

Raising the performance bar

With deepblue2 our design team has committed to raise the performance bar even higher. The technical challenge is to get controlled, deep and loud bass extension out of a small cabinet – and to do that without a wallet devastating price tag.

Most wireless speakers use two or three small speaker drivers operating at their maximum potential to try to achieve full range sound. The result is thin and compressed sound that is fatiguing to listen to at high volumes. They simply run out of gas.

For truly life-like sound you need a speaker capable of producing deep bass and the only way to do that is to move lots of air. You need to have the right combination of power, surface area, driver excursion and correct enclosure all working together. We’re not breaking the laws of physics. We’re exploiting them to make the biggest sounding Bluetooth speaker ever made.

deepblue2 uses a custom developed 440-watt amplifier that is 5X more powerfulthan the home Bluetooth speakers currently on the market.

A massive long excursion 6.5-inch woofer moves a serious amount of air and creates deep impactful bass. You not only hear full bass, you feel it.

deepblue2 uses a total of five speakers in a three-way configuration to create a powerful balanced sound so every instrument and voice can be easily heard. Two 3″ mid-range drivers and two 1″ soft-dome tweeters flank deepblue2’s woofer to create a wide natural sound that fills an entire room.

A very carefully designed acoustic suspension enclosure separates deepblue2 from everything else on the market. Our sealed box approach outperforms the typical ported box and passive radiator designs by creating clean deep bass that doesn’t distort at high volume.

aptX® Bluetooth audio streaming

Stream all of your favorite music and apps to deepblue using its built-in aptX® Bluetooth audio receiver. You can pair your Android, iPhone, iPod touch, Macbook and most PCs for high quality wireless audio streaming.

With Bluetooth you don’t need any proprietary apps – you can use the ones you already love and are familiar with. iTunes, Windows Media, Pandora, Spotify, LastFM, just to mention a few, are easily streamed wirelessly.

Digital and analog inputs

deepblue2 features two wired inputs: one optical and one 3.5mm analog. Want to connect an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV? No problem. Sonos Connect? Ditto. Dig vinyl? You can do that too by using a turntable with a built-in or external phono preamp.

deepblue2’s optical digital input even accepts high-resolution 24/96 digital audio for better-than-CD-quality sound. If your HDTV has an optical digital output (most do) you can even use deepblue2 to listen to TV, movies and games! Awesome.

Play in any room at any volume.

Play it low or play it loud

The human ear is less senstive to bass frequencies at low volume. Smart Volume automatically adjusts frequency response at the low end of the volume range to compensate for the ear’s lower sensitivity. This means you get full and clear sound even at very low volumes.

For those times you need to let loose and turn up the volume to party level, Smart Volume will lower peak signals when playing at high volume to ensure great distortion-free sound and the long lasting performance of your deepblue2.

Perfect sound in any room

deepblue2 is voiced out of the box to produce the most balanced bass response in the places where it’ll be most commonly placed. However, it’s impossible to predict every situation where a speaker is going to be located. You may also prefer more or less bass. Using the included IR remote control you’ll be able to toggle between five different bass levels to fine tune deepblue2 to your environment and personal taste.

Easy to move

An easy-to-grab recessed handle on the back panel makes it easy to move deepblue2 throughout your home.