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Wolf Cinema – like many small businesses –  often finds themselves in the daily “fire fighting” grind:  spending lots of time and effort to solve in-field problems, removing or recalibrating the various sales objections, working diligently as a team to fulfill our dealer and client needs.  The work can be difficult and quite stressful at times, often with very little reward other than the occasional “attaboy… attagirl” or your own virtual pat-on-the-back.  

It’s a special day indeed when you get “The Big Thank You” letter from one of your valued dealers.  Here’s a gem that came through the other day, making us all smile from ear-to-ear and reminding us why we’re in this game – not just to make a living, but to provide some of the ultimate entertainment experiences in one’s luxury home theatre.

Why be a Wolf Dealer

by Shanker Wiegel

Soundings/Denver CO

“We have had enjoyed a great relationship with Wolf over the past several years.  It’s refreshing to work with guys that are so passionate about video quality in a market that largely isn’t. The passion flows through the Wolf guys and right into the products and you can actually see it on the screen when you fire up one of their projectors.

As will happen with any company, you’ll hit a rough patch.  For us our first issue since becoming a Wolf dealer several years ago happened this past fall when we installed a projector for client on a 2.35 screen with anamorphic lens and something was not quite right.  Everything looked great, people popped into the theater room while we were installing to drool over the impressive 10ft wide image, but something was off.  The problem was so slight that it took us a few months to recognize there actually was a problem because, after all, even a broken Wolf projector looks really damn good.  Once we identified the problem was the projector (and not the screen or lens), Wolf worked with us to get it back into their possession to take a look at it.  They discovered a slight lens alignment issue and immediately ordered the parts to correct the problem and then expedited the shipping back to us.  Then there was this whole deal with FedEx losing the projector for 3 weeks and returning it to Wolf after they finally found it and we had to take our store demo projector to the clients house in order to tide them over.  Needless to say, the whole experience left us, the dealer, and Wolf with a disappointed client.

Now this is when most manufacturers would say: “oh well, we did what we can and we can’t make everyone happy”.  But not Wolf, they insisted that they could make EVERYONE happy.  Jim McGall, their director of sales, got fired up about the whole situation and decided to ship us one of their first brand new 2016 models (even though the client’s model was over 6 months old at this point).  We got the new projector out of the box at the clients house and within seconds of firing it up, she could be heard yelling: “Bill, come down here!! You have to see this!”  Finally, they were happy.  THIS is the reason we work with Wolf.  Not only do they make world class leading projectors, but they will not quit until the client is satisfied.  Great dealer support, great guys to work with equals happy clients and happy dealer.

On another note, you HAVE got to see their new 2016 line up.  These things are stunning!  It’s always great when a manufacturer eeks out a slight improvement on an existing model, but let me tell you these new 2016 models are lights out better than their predecessors.  You better be wearing socks when you see these new projectors for the first time because they will knock your socks off.  Wolf Cinema is leading the pack (and the rest of the industry) in stellar video performance and world class support and service.” 

Thank you Shanker for such a great letter!  We love working with you and look forward to many more years to come…  visit Sounding at their Denver showroom or on-line at: