The coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has changed the world in a matter of weeks. The virus itself is spreading rapidly, and forcing millions of people to essentially shelter in place as social distancing becomes the norm.

Things are tough right now. But amid the chaos, here are a few bright spots as people adapt to their new circumstances.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and please do your best to practice social distancing as we all try to reduce the spread of the virus.

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a true 2-in-1

By Luke Larsen, Computing Editor

Apple launched a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air this week. The timing is important. These two devices represent two diverging visions of the future of computing.

The flashier approach is the iPad Pro, a 2-in-1, an ultra-mobile device. It now comes with a proper keyboard, trackpad, cursor support, and unique magnetic hinge, making for a device that looks uncannily like … a laptop. That is, some kind of futuristic version of one. The MacBook Air is the more conservative approach. Its update is still meaningful — it features a price cut to $999, increased storage, more powerful processors, and an improved keyboard.

A few years ago, the new MacBook Air would have been the perfect laptop for a college student or first-time Mac buyer. With this new iPad Pro, Apple has positioned it for that very same potential buyer. Apple has resisted merging these two lines for years, meaning it has two products fighting over the same audience. That makes for a confusing choice for the average person, who may be unsure about the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

As Apple continues to move along the iPad and Mac in two separate streams, it’s leaving the future of computing up to us.

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