The Megalith is a completely customizable fixed outdoor display solution. Besides replacing traditional projector systems and their host of performance and reliability issues, the Megalith has the flexibility to be more than a theater display since it’s weatherproof screen can be
configured in many shapes and sizes. As an art installation or a massive outdoor cinema screen, the Megalith will outshine your expectations.

This mammoth 273” diagonal Stealth Acoustics display was installed to replace a struggling projection system. The screen is compiled of 336 individual modules with over 1.3m pixels and has an output rating at up to 6,000 NITS. At this level of brightness, the client is able to witness all of the action – regardless of summer daylight conditions. With the included ambient light sensor, the display will automatically adjust to brightness levels that best suit its surroundings as well.
Outshines Expectations:

Ultra-Bright, Weatherproof LEDs
Replaces Lackluster Projection Systems
Modular Design Configures to Many Shapes and Sizes
Outdoor Theater or Art Installation
Custom Audio Available